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  • OA: Office Administration

    Office Procedures

    • OA 116 (P/T)
    • 3.00 Credits

    Quarters Offered: Summer, Fall, Spring

    Provides the foundation necessary for entry-level employment as an office assistant with exercises that simulate entry-level administrative work situations.

    Business Editing

    • OA 120 (P/T)
    • 3.00 Credits

    Quarters Offered: Summer, Fall

    This course focuses on the development of basic keyboarding skills while emphasizing the production of a wide range of typical business correspondence from unarranged and rough-draft sources. It introduces effective proof reading techniques emphasizing spelling, word division, capitalization, abbreviations, numbers, grammar, punctuation, and formatting of business documents using current office practices. Prerequisites: BT 101 with a grade of C or better, or minimum typing speed of 35 wpm

    Keyboarding I

    • OA 121 (P/T)
    • 3.00 Credits

    Quarters Offered: Summer, Spring

    Emphasizes proper techniques of keyboarding through meaningful practice and speed development. Does not include word processing concepts. Lab included.

    Keyboarding II

    • OA 122 (P/T)
    • 3.00 Credits

    Quarters Offered: Summer, Spring

    Applies drills specific to speed building and achieving 60 wpm or better. Does not include word processing concepts. Lab included. Prerequisites: Minimum typing speed of 35 wpm.

    Keyboarding Skill Building

    • OA 124 (P/T)
    • 2.00 Credits

    Quarters Offered: Offered as needed

    Emphasizes improvement of proficiency in keyboarding skills (speed and accuracy). Lab included.

    Advanced Document Production

    • OA 220 (P/T)
    • 3.00 Credits

    Quarters Offered: Offered as needed

    Covers development of correct formats for business reports, letters, memos, tabbed columns, and forms. Use a variety of input methods, such as dictation and printed rough drafts. Stresses application of language arts skills. Develops the skill to produce documents accurately within specified time. Prerequisites: OA 120, BT 221

    Records Management

    • OA 240 (P/T)
    • 3.00 Credits

    Quarters Offered: Summer, Fall, Spring

    Focuses on Records Information Management (RIM). Covers terminology, data, employment opportunities, current developments, technology, and legal and ethical concerns in RIM. Includes field trips to selected businesses to provide further emphasis.

    Office Management

    • OA 251 (P/T)
    • 3.00 Credits

    Quarters Offered: Offered as needed

    Provides a capstone experience in the Office Administration program. This course offers both a theoretical and a practical hands-on approach to managing complex business projects. Students learn the life cycle of a project and develop essential skills to define the critical path of a project. Students integrate spreadsheet, texting-editing, presentation, and project management skills to develop and track a comprehensive team-based project. Prerequisites: OA 116, BA 206, OA 120, OA 220, BT 221

    Office Applications Coop Wk Exp

    • OA 280
    • 1.00 Credit

    Quarters Offered: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

    Designed to give students an opportunity to acquire actual work experience in their chosen field. An on-site supervisor will supervise and evaluate the work experience student. Instructor approval of work setting and placement is required. For each credit earned, the student will need to document 36 hours at the work site. Some sections may have a no-cost text book option.

    Helpful Contacts

    • Advising: 541.881.5815
    • Admissions: 541.881.5811
    • Financial Aid: 541.881.5833
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