TVCC Catalog


Dana Young

BS Eastern Oregon University, MBA Portland State University, PhD Colorado State University

Shirley Haidle
Vice President of Administrative Services

Abby Lee
Associate VP of College and Public Relations

BA Brigham Young University, MS Boise State University

Edward Alves
Vice President of Academic Affairs

BS Arizona State University, MA-Ed University of Phoenix

Bradley Hammond
Vice President of Student Services

BBA Northeastern State University, M.Ed Concordia University - Portland

Faculty and Staff

Janell Abston
Daily Operations Coordinator

AA Treasure Valley Community College

Nicole Baird
Instructional Designer

Darin Bell
Instructor Business

BS BYU-Hawaii, MBA Eastern Oregon University, CPA Oregon Board of Accounantcy

Wade Black
Full Time Instructor

BS, MS Montana State University

Greg Borman
Instructor Math

BS California State University Chico, MS University of Idaho

Meredith Brinck
Intake Orientation / Placement Coordinator

Carol Buttice
Director of Advising Services

AA Treasure Valley Community College, BS Eastern Oregon University, MS Kansas State University

Jennifer Johnston Carsten
Adjunct Instructor

Hector Aguirre Corona
Director - HEP Program

Tanya Crawford
Instructor Health and Phys Ed


Lori Delehant
Physical Plant / Custodial Coordinator

Tara Dominick

Cynthia Feibert
Instructor Biology

BS University of California, MA University of California

Ted Fink
Instructor Art

AA Ohlone Community College, BA Brooks Institute Photography, MS San Jose State University

Raul Flores
Enrollment Specialist / Test Proctor

AA Treasure Valley Community College

Roxanne Franklin
Enrollment Specialist

Dora Galan
Secretary - Fine and Performing Arts

AA Treasure Valley Community College

Amanda Gaskill
Assistant Comptroller

Noe Gonzalez
Recruiter - HEP Program

Ronald Hanks
Aviation Instructor

BA California State University, MEd University of Phoenix

Lisa Hansen

Jared Higby
Instructor Agriculture

BS Colorado State University, MS Colorado State University

Terry Howard
System Administrator II

AS ITT, AS Treasure Valley Community College

Rocky Ingalls
Financial Aid Associate Director

NA Link's School of Business

Anne Marie Kelso
Director of Legal and Human Resources

BA University of California, Irvine, JD Mcgeorge School of Law

Cody Krebs
IT Help Desk

Debbie Kriegh
Assistant Registrar

AA Treasure Valley Community College

Shereen Logan
Enrollment Specialist

Julie Lynch
Aviation Program Coordinator

DIP Itt Technical Institute, AA Treasure Valley Community College

Phillip Mahaffey
Instructor English

BA Hardin-Simmons University, MA Texas Tech University, MFA Eastern Washington University

Laree McBride
Accounts Receivables Manager

Linda McDowell
Full Time Instructor - SRCI

BS Lewis-Clark State College, MS University of Idaho

Tatiana Morales
Recruiting Coordinator

Marcus Nichols
Instructor Natural Resources

BS Eastern Illinois University, MS Southern Illinois University

Vera Patton
Financial Aid

Sandra Porter
Instructor Agriculture

BS University of Idaho, MS Colorado State University, AS Treasure Valley Community College

Nathan Rawlinson
Instructor - Science

PhD Indiana University

Richard Reynolds
Instructor - Science

BS Penn State University, MS Michigan State University, PhD University of Maryland

Jason Robbins
BCT Manager

Sheryl Romans
Workforce Training Program Manager

AS Treasure Valley Community College, BA Eastern Oregon University

Kate Russell
Director of Student Programs

Faith Salinas
Human Resources / Accounts Payable Specialist

Randy Seals
System Engineer

BA Northwest Nazarene University, MS Aspen University

Kimberly Sigrah
Secretary - SRCI

Debbie Skousen
Instructor Sociology

M.Ed. College of Idaho, NA College of Idaho

Nila Stephens
Instructor Business

BA Judson University, MEd Concordia University - Portland

Adolfo Suarez
Physical Plant Operations Lead

AS Treasure Valley Community College

Kimberly Tomkinson
Director of Caldwell Center

Brenda Vega Vega
CAMP Recruiter

Timothy Vrolyks
BCT Shop Assistant

Andrew Ward
Athletic Director

BS Southern Utah University

Kari Watts
Nursing Secretary

Chase Van Weerdhuizen
Recruiting Coordinator

Zachary Widner
Academic/Career Advisor

BA Boise State University

Marc Wilson
Instructor English

AA Treasure Valley Community College, BS Western Oregon University, MA Portland State University

Patricia Almaraz
Secretary - HEP

Lauri Babcock
Educational Diagnostician

AA Treasure Valley Community College, BS Eastern Oregon University, MA Liberty University

Kent Banner
Instructor Business

BA Brigham Young University, MBA Portland State University

Jann Bell
Director - ABSD

Suzanne Bolyard
Instructor Education

BM University of Oregon, MTE Eastern Oregon University

Jessica Breidinger
Instructor Criminal Justice

BS Eastern Oregon University, MA Amridge University, Ph.D Amridge University

Ricardo Buenrostro
CAMP Director

BA University of Idaho

Scott Carpenter
Chief Information Officer

AS Grossmont Community College, BS American Sentinel Online

Theigha Cooperrider-Fryman
Disability Services Coordinator

Christina Coyne
Instructor SRCI

AA Treasure Valley Community College, BA Eastern Oregon University, MFA Oregon State University

Vern Davis
Building Supervisor

Diahann Derrick
Financial Aid Director

Bachelors Boise State University

Teresa Durkin
Program Coordinator

BS Southwestern College

Christopher Fellows
Physical Plant Grounds

Wayne Fischer
Student Success Coordinator - Title III

BS University of Oregon, MA Boise State University, MS Boise State University

Jayne Forwood
Advisor / Recruiter

AA Carl Sandburg Community College, BA Western Illinois University, MS Western Illinois University

Dan Fuller
Test Administrator

Dalila Garza
HEP Instructor

Dennis Gill
Instructor English

AA Treasure Valley Community College, BS Western Oregon University, ME Eastern Oregon University

Katya Gourley
HEP Instructor

Terri Hansen
Enrollment Specialist

AS Lane Community College

Brianne Haun
Instructor Nursing

MSEd Grand Canyon University

Cade Horning
IT Help Desk Rep II

Jill Humble
Executive Director of Nursing and Allied Health

ADN Elgin Community College, BSN Northern Illinois University, MSEd Northern Illinois University, PMC Nebraska Methodist College, CAS Boise State University

Garth Johnson
Instructor SRCI

MA Brigham Young University

David Koehler
Dean of CTE

Kylie Kressly
Enrollment Specialist

Arwyn Larson
Instructor Biology

MS Oregon State University

Dwight Lockett
Math Lab Coordinator

BS College of Idaho

Steve Lomax
Library Technician

Kathryn MacLean
Instructor SRCI

MA University of Phoenix

Daniel Mallory
Instructor SRCI

BA The College of Idaho, MBA Western Governors University

Sharlene McCaslin
Career Pathways and SNAP Corrdinator

Lisa Meyer
Secretary - Foundation

BA North West College

Kristine Needs
Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct

AAS Treasure Valley Community College

Yumiyo Okuda
Institutional Researcher / Data Analyst

MA Portland State University

Drew Pearson
Rodeo Coach/Livestock Mgr

Elena Perez Preciado
Advisor / Retention Specialist - CAMP

Tina Renk
Administrative Assistant

Hugh Reynolds
Instructor Math

AA Lane Community College, BA University of Oregon, MS Washington State University

Kjetil Rom
Bookstore Director

AA Boise State University, BBA Boise State University

Gina Roper
Administrative Assistant

Kilee Saldivar
Instructor - Medical Assistant

James Schmid
Instructor SRCI

BIS School for International Training

Jeretta Shoemaker
Science Lab Coordinator


Katareena Sillonis
IT Help Desk

Amber Smith
Instructor Nursing

BSN Lewis and Clark State College

Aaron Strawser
System Administrator II

BA Northwest Nazarene University

Andrea Testi
Director of Biz Center and Community Education

BA, MS State University of New York

Audrey Vega
Help Desk Technician II

Mary Verigan
Payroll and Benefits Coordinator

Drake Wallick
Instructor Math

BS Metropolitan State College, MA University of Idaho

Carol Warden
IT Administrative Services Manager

AAS Treasure Valley Community College, AAS Treasure Valley Community College

Renae Weber
Instructor Math

BS Oregon State University, MS Oregon State University, DEd University of Oregon

Charla Wheeler
Instructional Aide

Tara Williamson
Bookstore Clerk

Kerby Winters
Instructor - Science

BS Idaho State University, MS Montana State University

Jeremy Yraguen
Director Corrections Ed - SRCI

BS Lewis-Clark State College

Helpful Contacts

  • Advising: 541.881.5815
  • Admissions: 541.881.5811
  • Financial Aid: 541.881.5833
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