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Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress

This policy applies if the student is enrolled for six or more credits and generates a transcript entry. Entries generate at the end of the fourth instructional week during fall, winter, and spring quarters, or after the equivalent time period during summer quarter.

  • Academic Alert: Earning a GPA below 2.0 for one quarter places a student on Academic Alert status. The student should meet with a faculty advisor or an academic advisor in Student Services to develop an academic success plan.
  • Academic Probation: Earning a GPA below 2.0 for a second consecutive quarter places a student on Academic Probation. The student will be required to meet with an advisor to develop an academic success plan.
  • Academic Dismissal: Earning a GPA below 2.0 while on probation places a student on academic dismissal status. Completing less than 50% of the enrollment status for three consecutive terms will also result in academic dismissal. Students are generally dismissed for one academic year unless they appeal the decision to the Vice President of Student Services. Students on academic alert or probation, who meet all standards of academic progress in a subsequent quarter taking at least 6 credits will be removed from academic alert or probation and placed in good standing.


Students who enroll must Complete:

  • Full-time ............................Must complete: 12 credits
    (12 or more credits)
  • 3/4 time .............................Must complete: 9 credits
    (9 to 11 credits)
  • 1/2 time .............................Must complete: 6 credits
    (6 to 8 credits)
  • Less than 6 credits ............ALL credits attempted


Appeal for Readmission: Students dismissed for academic reasons may petition the Vice President of Student Services for readmission. Readmitted students are placed on academic probation.

NOTE: Students who have also been placed on financial aid suspension must submit a financial aid suspension appeal in order to have their eligibility for financial aid reinstated.

Helpful Contacts

  • Advising: 541.881.5815
  • Admissions: 541.881.5811
  • Financial Aid: 541.881.5833
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