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TVCC Admissions Office

Drop/Withdraw Deadlines

In accordance with federal regulations, students may be required to repay federal financial aid funds if they drop, completely withdraw, are administratively withdrawn, or fail to earn a passing grade from all classes during any quarter. If a student finds that at any point during a term he/she must drop a class, he/she must consult with his or her academic advisor first. If the student agrees that it is in his/her best interest to drop a class, an official add/drop form or withdrawal must be completed (either on paper or in the MyTVCC system).

A student can drop classes any time during the first two weeks of the quarter (one week in the summer term) and receive a full refund of tuition and fees. Financial aid will be adjusted automatically. If the student must drop a class after the second week of the quarter (or first week in the summer term) he/she will receive a warning or probation letter (please see Standards of Academic Progress for Recipients of Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs Benefits) from TVCC Financial Aid at the end of the term. Students should read this letter carefully. It will contain important information about what to do next.

If a student withdraws completely from any term, some of the financial aid received may have to be repaid to TVCC, the U.S. Department of Education, or both. The student will also receive written notification concerning the options once the official withdrawal process is completed. If the student fails to officially withdraw, it is assumed that he/she attended no more than 50% of the term. If the student attends beyond the 60% point of the term he/she is considered to have earned 100% of his/her financial aid and will not have to repay unearned funds.

Students should read carefully any correspondence received in reference to a complete withdrawal. TVCC Financial Aid is required to report over payments of federal grants to the U.S. Department of Education's Collection unit if no repayment arrangements are made within 45 days of being notified.

A class drop, withdrawal, or administrative withdrawal may affect a student's ability to receive financial aid in the future at any college or university. Further information is available from TVCC Financial Aid.

Non-standard courses may have different add/drop/withdrawal dates. Check with registrar for exact dates.

Consulting academic calendars and being knowledgeable about academic requirements and policies is a crucial part of being a self-advocate and experiencing student success. Following are the academic policies students most often need to know during their college career.

Class Changes (Add/Drop)

It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from classes. Here are important points to be aware of before dropping classes:

  • Students are responsible for the grades received and all tuition and fees if they merely stop attending.
  • Adding or dropping a class may change eligibility or financial aid status.
  • Courses which are dropped before the end of the 4th week of the quarter will not appear on a transcript. Courses dropped during weeks five through eight of the quarter will be recorded with a "W" for withdrawal on a transcript.
  • Withdrawal deadlines are in the academic calendar.
  • Course withdrawal deadlines are different for summer quarter because the quarter is shorter.
  • After the first two days of the quarter, the instructor's written approval is required for admission to a class.

Students may officially drop course(s) via email at or the Student Service Center provides ADD/DROP forms and accepts the forms when completed. All changes in class schedules should be approved by an advisor.