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TVCC Admissions Office

Academic Policies & Requirements

Consulting academic calendars and being knowledgeable about academic requirements and policies is a crucial part of being a self-advocate and experiencing student success. The following are the academic policies students most often need to know during their college career.


It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from classes. Here are important points to be aware of before dropping classes:

  • Students are responsible for the grades received and all tuition and fees if they merely stop attending.
  • Adding or dropping a class may change eligibility or financial aid status.
  • Full term courses which are dropped before the end of the 4th week of the quarter will not appear on a transcript. Courses dropped during weeks five through eight of the quarter will be recorded with a "W" for withdrawal on a transcript.
  • Withdrawal deadlines can be found in the yearly academic calendar.
  • Course withdrawal deadlines are different for non-standard courses and summer quarter because the quarter is shorter.
  • After the first two days of the quarter, the instructor's written approval is required for admission to a class.

The Student Service Center provides ADD/DROP forms and accepts the forms when completed, or classes can be dropped online at via the student's TVCC Student Portal. All changes in class schedules should be approved by an advisor. Check the Academic Calendar here.


Students may choose to audit a class. An audit exempts students from examinations, but the instructor may require class attendance and participation. No college credit is received for audited courses, regular tuition charges apply, and audits are not eligible for Financial Aid. Signing up to audit or reversing audit status is permitted only through the 4th week of the quarter (deadlines are different for summer quarter, please view academic calendar). Students are responsible for withdrawing from class if they are unable to attend.


A student at TVCC who is a member of the military and who is ordered to federal or state active duty for more than 30 consecutive days has the right to receive a grade of incomplete, withdraw from a course and the right to a credit for amounts paid for room, board, tuition and fees as described in ORS 341.502. Each student must initiate and review this process with their instructor(s). After this review students must notify the Registrar's Office in writing of their decision. For more information see Student Military Leave of Absence Policy Code JECE.  


It is a student's responsibility to know policies and deadlines for withdrawing from college. Students wishing to withdraw from a current quarter must fill out and submit a Complete Withdrawal form. Students may withdraw until the end of the 8th week of instruction during the regular school year, until the end of the 3rd week in a four week summer session, and until the end of the 7th week in an eight week summer session. Students withdrawing from Continuing Education and seeking a refund should contact the Continuing Education office for more information.


Administrative withdrawals, which are initiated by the instructor, are rare and may take place only under these circumstances:

  • The course is full.
  • A student is absent for at least 2 class sessions or 50% of the scheduled class time during the first week of the quarter; and
  • The absent student has made no prior arrangements with the instructor for missing class.

Administrative withdrawals occur only during the first week of the quarter. Students should never assume they will be administratively withdrawn from class. Non-attending students must submit a completed withdrawal form to the Student Services Center. Students not completing the formal withdrawal process will receive failing grades and are responsible for all tuition and fees.


Students must be registered in classes in order to attend. Students are expected to attend class each time the class meets. Excused student absences may be permitted by the instructor, but all class work must be completed. Students need to make arrangements with instructors for completion of missed work. Certain programs may require attendance and participation in clinicals, practicums, conferences and conventions. Transportation to and from these activities is the responsibility of the student. Absences due to participation in field trips, inter-collegiate games and other trips arranged by the college may be excused with advance notice to the instructor. In such cases the student is still required and responsible to make up the content and assignments missed during the absence as determined by the faculty.


Degrees, diplomas, and certificates are conferred at formal commencement ceremonies held each year in June. It is the student's responsibility to request a graduation evaluation to ensure that all requirements are completed. A graduation petition, available from the Student Services Center or online, should be completed and submitted two terms in advance of your final term to assure timely evaluation.