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TVCC Admissions Office

College Mission

TVCC is a comprehensive community college dedicated to promoting student success.


TVCC will be an excellence-driven institution offering quality programs to ensure student success.

Core Themes

Treasure Valley Community College has identified three core themes, with associated strategic objectives under each theme, which individually manifest essential elements of the mission while collectively encompassing the mission:

Ensuring Access

At TVCC, Ensuring Access means equitable access to quality education. The entire focus of this Core Theme is to ensure that historically underserved student groups fare simarily to others with respect to student learning and achievement. The strategic objectives to ensuring access are to:

1. Reduce the achievement gap for first generation college students
2. Reduce the achievement gap for underrepresented students of color,
3. Reduce the achievement gap for economically disadvantaged students.

Fostering Educational Success

1. Enhance opportunities for student development
2. Provide comprehensive educational support services
3. Provide quality instruction
4. Support new and innovative academic programs to meet local and regional employment demands
5. Provide a variety of delivery methods to inform, retain, and educate

Building Our Community

1. Enhance partnerships
2. Maintain and build partnerships for private and public sector funding
3. Support regional economic opportunities
4. Showcase and share the TVCC story