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TVCC Admissions Office

Children on TVCC Properties

Adopted: 10/21/04
Readopted: 10/14/09; 7/26/11; 5/22/13
Orig. Code(s): AR 901-8; ING

Other than usage associated with specific College-sponsored programs for children, the general policy of the College is that its facilities are not available for unrestricted usage by children under 16 years of age.

The following specific restrictions apply:

  1. In no cases are children permitted in College-owned or operated facilities (this includes the library, food services areas, and lounges and study areas) without supervision by an adult;
  2. Children in classrooms are there only with the specific approval of the faculty member responsible for the class. These situations are only permitted on an emergency basis and for a very limited period of time;
  3. Children are not permitted in work areas unless under the specific authorization of the work area supervisor and with adult supervision. These situations are only permitted for emergencies, social events, or visitations, but are to be nonrecurring and for limited time periods;
  4. Children are not to be left unattended in vehicles (employees are encouraged to contact police if they think the child(ren) may be in imminent danger);
  5. Because of liability, children are not allowed on field trips or in college-owned vehicles.

If a child appears to be unaccompanied, employees may try to handle the situation on their own, except for physically removing the child from the premises. Any employees who are unsure what to do should call an administrator or campus security.

The responsible adult (student or not) of the unaccompanied child will be notified of the policy and that leaving the child unattended violates the policy.