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Aviation Program Fees - Helicopter - Idaho

FEES 2020 -2021

TVCC Helicopter costs are listed below. The FAA Part 61 hours and course details can be found here (Flight Details).

TVCC flight courses are listed in the attached document by course number.

The flight labs include tutition and fees for flight training as required by Training Course Outline (TCO) and are based on the number of credit hours attributed to each course.  At the completion of each course and associated flight training hours, student will be assigned punitive passing or failing grade as per TVCC Grading Policy. 

The Insurance fee of $550 is a one-time assessment levied with first flight class taken.

Note: Manufacturer's weight limitation prevents pilots over 240 pounds from flying the R-22.  TVCC does not enroll students weighing in excess of 240 pounds in the Private Pilot Flight Labs.

Hourly rates for helicopter and CFI's for 2019 and 2020 academic year follow:

Treasure Valley Community College Leases:
Robinson R-22 Tail #838SH
Robinson R-22 Tail #826SA
Robinson R-22 Tail #74778
Robinson R-22 Tail #3189Z
Robinson R-22 Tail #184SH

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