TVCC Catalog

Payment Plan

General Refund/Repayment Policy

A refund of tuition and fees will be made in accordance with the following policy. Specific refund deadlines for each quarter are published in the academic calendar and the quarterly class schedule.

For classes that begin the first week of the quarter:

  • 100% refund is granted upon withdrawal before the end of the 10th business day of the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.
  • 100% refund is granted upon withdrawal before the end of the 5th business day of the Summer quarter.
  • NO REFUND is granted after the 10th business day of the quarter, or after the 5th business day of the summer quarter.
  • A full refund for non-credit classes will be granted if a withdrawal request is made at least five working days prior to the first day of class. Withdrawal requests must be made by calling 541-881-5755. Appeals to this policy may be made in writing to the Center for Business, Workforce and Community Learning (CBWCL).

All non-standard courses shall follow the same refund period as full term classes:

Deferred Payment

Students may be allowed to pay tuition and related costs in installments rather than in one lump-sum payment. The College's credit policy is as follows:

  • Students who defer payment will be charged a deferment fee of $25.
  • All payment extensions must be set up via CashNet in the student portal.

A student who defaults on a payment plan will not be able to defer payment into future terms. Defaulted notes will result in a late charge of $25 and all collection costs and attorney fees incurred.

Required Fees

  • Universal Fee: A non-refundable fee that covers the cost of admission, registration, placement testing, and most class or lab fees. Some classes may have additional fees.
  • Student Activity Fee: A non-refundable fee that supports student activity programs and student government.

Residency Requirements

Students qualifying as an Oregon resident for tuition purposes must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Establish Oregon as a permanent home for purposes other than attending school 12 months before starting college. The 12 month residency period must be completed before the first day of the first term of enrollment.
  • Be claimed as a dependent of a person having maintained residency status in Oregon for 1 year. The 12-month residency period must be completed before the first day of the first term of enrollment.
  • Be the spouse or dependent of an active-duty military person stationed in Oregon.

Proof of residency is a student responsibility. Residency for each applicant is determined from information provided at the time of application. The college staff may require additional information to verify residency. Acceptable evidence of residency can be any of the following items:

  • A valid Oregon driver's license
  • An Oregon voter registration card
  • Oregon registration of motor vehicles
  • Record of purchase of property in Oregon
  • Rent receipts (college residence hall receipts not applicable)
  • Utility billing statements in the student's name

Helpful Contacts

  • Advising: 541.881.5815
  • Admissions: 541.881.5811
  • Financial Aid: 541.881.5833
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