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TVCC Admissions Office

Challenge For Credit Policy

Challenge credit is earned by demonstrating proficiency in course requirements. Students who wish to challenge a class should submit a written request to the appropriate department chair to determine if a challenge exam is allowed. Not every class is subject to challenge. The method of demonstrating proficiency, usually a comprehensive exam, is determined by the appropriate department.

The following guidelines apply to challenge exams:

  • The student must be currently enrolled at TVCC.
  • Challenge exams may not be repeated.
  • Challenge credit is not granted if credit has been earned for a more advanced course.
  • A maximum of 12 challenge credits may be earned in a specific subject area.
  • A maximum of 24 credits of challenge work may be applied to a TVCC certificate.
  • A maximum of 45 challenge credits can be applied to a TVCC degree.
  • Challenge credit is normally assigned an "S" (satisfactory grade) and will not affect the GPA. No academic record is kept for unsuccessful challenge exams.
  • Challenge credit will not affect a financial aid award.
  • Students must register with instructor permission and pay a $15 fee before taking the challenge exam. In addition, a $10 fee is charged for each credit awarded.