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TVCC Admissions Office


Aviation Technology: Helicopter - Associate of Applied Science Degree - (Idaho)

Department:  Career and Technical Education 

Advisor:  Julie Lynch (541)881-5975                                      (Major Code: 2045) 
Lead Flight Instructor:  Jason Spickelmire

Program Overview

TVCC provides Private pilot training under FAA 14 CFR Part 61 and partners with Silverhawk Aviation Academy for Instrument, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII) training. Silverhawk is an accredited FAA certified Part 141 flight school. This degree provides training for employment as professional pilots in the helicopter industry. Upon successful completion, students will be able to seek work in the industry as qualified pilots at entry level helicopter jobs. This will provide opportunities to which graduates may progress in to more advanced and high paying helicopter jobs in the future. This degree is designed for students wishing to enter the workforce. It is not designed to transfer to a four-year institution, although some courses are transferable. Students who wish to transfer coursework are strongly encouraged to work closely with their TVCC advisor to develop a transfer plan and to identify and contact an advisor at their chosen transfer institution. A minimum of 92 credits and a minimum grade point average of 2.0 are needed to graduate. Note: Please meet with an advisor before choosing this program.


Learning Outcomes

  • Obtain Private Helicopter Pilots License
  • Obtain Instrument Helicopter Pilots License
  • Obtain Commercial Helicopter Pilots License
  • Obtain Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) License
  • Obtain Certified Flight Instructor for Instrument (CFII) License
  • Obtain Career Pathways Certificate in Aviation Safety Management Systems
  • Possess the ability for an External Load certificate and Turbine Transition certification


All career and technical education degrees and one-year certificates contain required courses in applied communication, computation and human relations. These courses are designed to support student competence and success in the workplace. Students must have appropriate test scores in writing and math to enter the related courses listed. Students who test below the required level will be required to take preparatory courses. A college advisor will assist students with selecting the appropriate preparatory course or courses. Students must earn a grade of "C-" or better in each foundation skills course.

WR 115- Intro to College Writing (or higher) (4 Credits)

Oral Communications (one course):

COM 111Z - Public Speaking (4 Credits) or SP 219 - Small Group Discussion (3 Credits)

MATH 63 - Technical Math I (or higher) - 4 Credits

Human Relations:
PSYC 101 - Psychology of Human Relations -or- BA 204 - Teamwork Dynamics (3 Credits each)
HDEV 112 - Freshman Seminar (1 Credit)

Year One:.

HDEV 112 - Freshman Seminar (1 credit)
WR 115 - Intro to College Writing (4 credits)
COM 111Z - Public Speaking (4 Credits) -or- SP 219 Small Group Discussion (3 cr.)
MATH 63 - Technical Math 1 (or higher) - (4 credits)
CS 101 - Computer Fundamentals I - (4 credits)
GSCI109 - General Science Meteorology (4 credits)
PSYC 101 - Psychology of Human Relations -or- BA 204 - Teamwork Dynamics (3 credits each)

AV 101 - Intro. to Aviation -  (3-credits)
AV 104 - Intro to Aircraft Systems -  (3-credits)
AV 115 - Private Pilot Ground- Helicopter  - (3-credits)
AV 116 - Private Pilot Ground - Helicopter  -(2-credits)
AV 120 - Intro. to Aviation Safety Management - (4-credits)
AV 121 - Risk Management -  (3-credits)
AV 122 - Quality Assurance (ASMS) -  (3-credits)
AV 208 - Meteorology II, Weather Decision Making (4-credits)
AV 215 - Instrument Helicopter Ground (3-credits)
AV 216 - Adv. Instrument Helicopter Ground (2-credits)

AV 227 - Flight Lab Helicopter- Private (1-credit)
AV 228 - Flight Lab Helicopter- Private (1-credit)
AV 229 - Flight Lab Helicopter- Private (1-credit)
AV 230 - Flight Lab Helicopter- Instrument (1-credit)
AV 231 - Flight Lab Helicopter- Instrument (1-credit)
AV 232 - Flight Lab Helicopter- Commercial - (1 credit)

Year Two:

HPE 120- CPR/First Aid (2 credits)
BA 101 - Intro to Business - (4 credits)
AV 135-Global Positioning System -(2 credits)
AV 123 ASMS Business & Legal Aspects (3 credits)
AV 124 - Aviation Human Factors - (3 credits)
AV 225 - Comm. Pilot Ground, Helicopter -(4 credits)
AV 245 - Advanced Helicopter Operations -(3 credit)
AV 255 - Certified Flight Instructor -(3 credits)
AV 290 - Aviation Capstone - (3 credits)

AV 233 - Flight Lab Helicopter- Commercial -(1 credit)
AV 237 - Helicopter Flight Lab, Commercial -(1 credit)
AV 282 - Flight Lab Helicopter- CFI - (1 credit)
AV 283 - Flight Lab Helicopter- Adv. CFI - (1 credit)
AV 284 - Flight Lab Helicopter- CFII - (1 credit)
AV 285 - Flight Lab Helicopter-,Adv. CFII - (1 credit)

Total Credits: 92

AV 125 - Intro. to Avn. Accident Investigation - (3-credits)